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Meigs Field in Chicago torn up in the dead of night in the name of "security". Never mind that fear of terrorism from Meigs was probably unfounded. Nevermind that the airport was rather useful. Never mind that there was an agreement in place to keep it open another 25 years. And nevermind that there were planes at the airport needing to take off and employees expecting to go to work in the morning. It had to be done.

Just as civil liberties need to be infringed upon. Just as war needed to be waged. We must do what they the name of security. If we don't, the terrorists will get us. Terrorists have become the boogeymen the government uses to scare us, its wee ones. Behave, or else!

I find it disgusting that so many are using these threats to their own politcal and financial advantage. This sort of attitude turns the terrorist (or the idea of a terrorist) into a government enoforcer. The actual terrorist needs to nothing more, as our government will do it for them.

Life goes on. I refuse to be cowed into submission by a heightened (yet vague) security alert or by accusations that objecting to these "safety" measures makes me un-American. I refuse to be afraid. Instead, I'm going to be angry.

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