Extra tickets are funny things, especially when they are not in pairs. Over the years I have had friends offer, give, and/or sell me extra tickets when the ticket's original inteded recipient bailed. I have seen Stomp, Moby, and Weezer this way, among others.

It is a little different when one is the holder of the extra ticket. It can be difficult to find a taker for one last minute ticket. (Of course, this would depend on the event.) If you can't give it to a friend, most ticket seekers want pairs.

Which brings us to this evening, and the sudden spare for Richard Shindell. Now, I am the sort of person who has no problem attending concerts unaccompanied. (Sometimes it is even desirable, as latecomers can score great seats if you only need one.) At the same time, I can't bare to see a perfectly good ticket go unused. Last minute on a Friday is not the easiest time to find friends lacking prior plans. Long story short (too late!) I decided that if I could sell someone just one ticket, I would use the other myself. However, if I could only find a taker for the pair, I would give them both up and see RS next time he came to town.

I felt a little funny standing outside the club asking people if they were going to the show, and if they had tickets yet. Very illicitish and whatnot. (Is "ilicitish" a word? It sounds like a candy.) A nice older couple was indeed going to the show, and had not in fact purchased their tickets yet. Day of show tickets are $2 more than advance, so by selling him both of my tickets for exactly what I paid, I got my money back and saved him four bucks. (Somehow, I don't think I have a career as a big time scalper ahead of me.)

Yeah, it was too bad to miss the Richard Shindell show, and I am sure it was fabulous. However, as I have already posted, there are a gajillion people that I want to see coming to town in the next month or so, and I didn't think I could see them all anyway. C'est la vie. I think I'll go get my Dar Williams ticket tomorrow.

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