What does one do with leftover sushi?

Friday night, a friend and I went to Edo for sushi. I ordered the sushi combo: an Alaska roll, plus eight pieces of sushi. It also came with miso soup and salad. It was surprisingly huge, and in the end, I couldn't finish. The waitress boxed it up for me, but as I stared at it in the fridge the next day, I wondered if I could still trust it. I have no problem eating fresh raw fish at a good restaurant, but there is just something about raw fish that has sat on my plate for awhile, then in a box in the car, and finally in my refridgerator for over 12 hours...I couldn't trust it. Two big, lovely slices of salmon and yellowtail—how could I eat it? How could I waste it?

Suddenly I had my answer. I grabbed a skillet and a wee bit of flour, salt, and pepper. I sauteed the fish in some olive oil, and they made a delightful little snack, sprinkled with fresh lemon juice. I feel a little barbaric, but I didn't waste anything and I don't have food poisoning. Go me!

On a side note: I also discovered that I am not a big fan of squid. That rubbery texture makes me shudder.

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