Well, mostly. I got the car door fixed, true. However, as I was slowly turning into my driveway, I slid on the ice and into a telephone pole. Since I wasn't moving at anything more than a creep, the pole is completely undamaged, but I did put a bendy dent in the front bumper of the Jeep. It sucks, butI can live with it. If I do want to fix it,I can get a new one for under $100, and changing parts on a Jeep isn't rocket science.

The only other fly in my ointment today is that the washing machine in my building has stopped working mid-load. It isn't unbalance or anything...just off. So I have a load of laubdry sitting in a machine full of icey cold water. I'm not sure if it got through the rinse cycle, either, so I think it is dirty water. Needless to say, I am watching vigilantly for my landlord (and upstrais neighbor) to come home. I stuck a note on the front door for him, too, in case I miss him. Blah! :P

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