There are those who prefer to celebrate anti-Valentine's Day, also known as Claudius the Goth Day. They may not even celebrate at all. Sometimes, you can't really blame them. Then there is the Valentine's Day Massacre, which added a far different type of red to the day.

I have to admit, I have a long-standing awkwardness with the holiday. It was fun as a little kid, but there is something in a gradeschool Valentine's party that can be utterly demoralizing. Multiply that by eight, then tack on four years of high school and by the time I'd reached adulthood the day had really soured for me.

I am slowly regaining an appreciation for it though. Who can resist the lure of candy conversation hearts (though what's with the new ones that say "Fax me"?) or red hots? Then there is all that half-off chocolate the next day. Besides all that, it can be fun to give out cheesy little cards to all your friends and relatives. I still squirm a little about the goofy, gooey stuff but I'm wearing red today.

Bring on the hearts...I cantake 'em.

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