Have I mentioned Fidgeting for Fitness? I don't think I have. Well, since the weather has gotten cold, I haven't been doing a whole lot outside. Biking is right out for me, with the temps being either above freezing or minus zero with windchill, I haven't gotten in much ice skating. I am fed up with the long drive to get to the gym, so what can I do to keep fit until spring? Fidgeting.

Whether I am working on the computer or waiting for something, I usually have bouncing legs or swinging arms. If I have to stand around, I jump from foot to foot. Overall, I try to keep in constant (or at least frequent) motion. Probably not the world's greatest workout, but it is definitely better than nothing. When paired with a decent quanitity of running up and down stairs, and parking in the farthest spots and walking when I've driven somewhere, I think it will at least keep me from getting to soggy and sad this winter.

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