Wow, could yesterday have

Wow, could yesterday have possibly been lousier? As far as solstices go, it was not my favorite. In fact, until about 9PM, my main driving goal was to go home, crawl into bed and not come out ever again. And it was muggy, too, which always amplifies things for me.

Things did pick up around 9. A woman I know was having a slumber party. Yup, a bunch of grown-up women at a slumber party. While there was a noticable lack of Seventeen magazine, no one got a make-over, and there were no prank phone calls made, it was very old-school. The fact that we spent a large part of the night in a tent in the back yard made it even more so. Although, I don't recall there ever being booze at the sleep-overs of my youth, but maybe I was just sheltered. All in all, it was very good bonding time, and made me feel much better.

Apparently, tonight I am going to Chicago for the bachelorette party of someone I don't even know. Not really in the mood to deal with any more wedding related things, but it will get me out of town.

UPDATE: Well, the person I was going to Chicago with has had to cancel. (She was the original party invitee.) She got her car's oil change yesterday. After driving around all day running errands, she discovered that they hadn't replaced the cap, and her engine was pretty bereft of oil. Needless to say, driving didn't seem like good option.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. I am driving to Milwaukee/Thiensville tomorrow, and I just got my own car's oil changed today.

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