Strange memory: When I

Strange memory:

When I was in grade school, I was in the Lutheran Girl Pioneers which was the Lutheran version of the Girl Scouts. (The Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod does not allow members to join the scouts.)

Anyway, the LGP leaders for my grade were a couple of fishwives. None of us liked them, and they didn't like us. For some strange reason, they decided that every girl in our class (about 8-10 7th grade girls) was a slut, and that we were in need of deportment. (Granted, they themselves were rather skanky.)

As a part of our "Good Grooming" unit, they took us to a fashion show at a little modeling school on Kinnickinnic Ave (AKA "KK". Bonus points if you can pronounce it.). The show was, of course, put on by their students. Both the "fashion" and the modeling skills were pretty sparse. After the show, the woman in charge of the modeling school began pressuring us girls to sign up for modeling classes. As I recall, a couple of the more awkward girls actually did. However, the "school" was so crappy that it didn't help much. All it did was take their money and a bit of their time. I remember that it made me sad.

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