So far, an interesting

So far, an interesting night: sushi and a movie. Then a walk down the wonder that is State Street in the summer. I've got a rose over my ear, so the whole world constantly smells like flowers.

I saw Minority Report at the Orpheum. I will review it later. Right now, just time to get the night's details before I forget.

Stopped for a bit of sushi before the show. The guy sitting next to me was attempting to chat me up. I'm never comfortable being hit on by of the reasons for my unfortunate habit for dating friends. I tend to assume that there is something seriously wrong with the guy.

The guy at the sushi bar was slightly grungy looking, in a creepy long-haired sort of way. Probably a very nice guy, but I kept the conversation minimal and left.

As I was walking down State St., however, I ended up giving my phone number to a complete stranger. How did this happen you ask? More later....

LATER: So the Memorial Union closed before I could finish that entry. Here it is.

I was heading down State Street after the movie, going to see what was up at the Terrace. Not even a block from the Orpheum, a guy coming from the other direction stopped me and invited me to an after party. I smiled, laughed and shook my head, but he just kept on talking. Very good looking, very charming and no bad vibes, but still a stranger on the street. Eventually he asked for my phone number. I'm not really sure why, but I gave it to him. Well, that is to say I gave him my cell phone number. No last name, no home phone, just a mobile number. I figured that would be pretty neutral. We then kept on going in our seperate directions. I was shaking my head in disbelief, wondering if that had really happened. Seems there is already a message on my voicemail, so I guess it did.

(For any of you who may be concerned, rest assured that I have no intention of ending up dead in a ditch somewhere or anything.)

After the hitting the Union, I then ran into my sister, her boyfriend and two of her girlfriends on State. I had already seen my brother and a guy who also plays percussion in summer band, so I thought I'd already hit my obligatory "run into someone you know" for the night. Guess not. We all headed down to the lake behing the Union Terrace and sat on the pier for awhile. The girls shared my amazement at what had happened.

Why does it seem like it is suddenly raining men? I was also being majorly hit on Tuesday night. Argh! Do I have sign on my forehead? Has my dark "don't talk to me or you will regret being born" aura worn off? I really don't know how I feel about this. It isn't me. I swear.

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