Small good things in

Small good things in my life, while not balancing a big shitty bad thing, are at least giving me pleasant distraction.

Rehersal for the UW Summer Band began last night. I haven't been in a band since my third or fourth year of college, so I was quite rusty. However, it felt very good to be banging on a big bass drum and crashing the cymbals again. (I even get to play tambourine!)

Tonight I went to another Pat McCurdy show. Twas awesome. It was an energetic night, and even went overtime by ten minutes. I saw old friends, made some new ones, and hung out with my sister. There was a brief game of euchre, cheese curds and beer, drinking songs, funny dances,general approval for the new tattoo, and rousing sympathy for my current crappy situation. It cheered me up, at least for a little while, and what more can you asked for in life? (Especially on a Tuesday night?)

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