Now is the time

Now is the time when I state the obvious: People can be real dicks.

Tonight I was swimming at my health club. I swim nothing but backstroke, and an odd backstroke at that, so I tend to go at times when I know it won't be crowed (like really late at night) so that I won't have to share a lane. I've shared lanes while swimmin before, and it's awful. Not only do I tend to get swamped with water in my face from my fellow swimmer (usually doing the breast stroke) but the whole going backwards thing means I sometimes crash into people. My best bet for a good swim is to go late in the evening, get a lane to myself, and do my best to stay dead center in the lane, avoiding splashing from the adjoining lanes, and hitting the lane dividers.

There are four lanes for swimming and tonight there were people in all of the other three. All three were doing the breast stroke. About 10 minutes into my 1/2 hour swim, a middle aged man came to the end of my lane and asked if he could share it with me. I looked at the other three lanes and asked if he could possibley share with one of the people who were swimming facing forwards. He asked how long I was going to be swimming, and when I told him that I would be another 20 minutes, he repeated what I had said in a sarcastic/incredulous tone.

"Look," I said, "if you really what to share the lane, go ahead but I can't promise that I won't crash into you." He wandered off, grumbling ungraciously. After a few minutes of staring at my lane, he finally chose the lane next to me to share. That guy has done the same thing once before...asked to share the lane with the only backstroking person in the pool, and gotten really pissy when I explained why it would be better for him to use on of the other lanes. I seriously would rather give up the lane entirely than to have to share it. Argh!

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