Muslim woman to challenge

Muslim woman to challenge ban on veil in driver's license photo.(via Metafilter)

Granted, I got very little sleep again last night, so my brain isn't all too clear right now. However, this seems so least to my western Christian mind. Driving is a privilege, not a right. Sultaana Freeman wants to wear her veil in her driver's license photo, due to her religious beliefs. Well, in Saudi Arabia, and other many other Islamic countries, women aren't even allowed to drive. Not being allowed to drive means that wearing a full veil is not a problem. In America, most people pver the age of sixteen can drive, so long as they pass the tests. Along with the privilege of driving, you also have to responsibility to prove your identity and certification to any officers of the law who may stop you while driving. If they cannot see your face, they cannot identify you. Fingerprinting is not a practical means of roadside ID, as even the clearest fingerprints can require expert analysis for a positive match.

Besides all of that, wouldn't a veil that only leaves the eyes uncovered become a hinderance while driving? It seems to me that it would cut into the peripheral vision.

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