Here's the deal. I

Here's the deal. I am trying to make a decision, and I keep going back and forth on it. I could flip a coin. I could consult the tarot. I could play eenie-meenie-meinie-moe. However, I am going to put it to a vote by you, the readers. (All, what, two of you?)

There is a catch. You don't get to know what the hell I am trying to decide. Bwah-hah-hah! How's that for arbitrary? So, if you would like to randomly influence a major decision in my life, open the comments link and vote yes or no. (For extra credit, you can explain your vote.) I will keep the vote going until this post falls off the front page (two weeks, I think) and then tally it up. (Shouldn't take too long.) I'll let you know what happened when it is all other. (Just like regular US politics, if you think about it.)

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