"You say you won't

"You say you won't give in to temptation just to get ahead, You say you won't apologize for the nasty things you've said. You say you won't compromise your principles anymore, Let me tell you something: everyone's a whore!

Everybody does things they don't want to do,
Why should life be different for you?
But you say you'll never compromise your principles anymore,
Let me tell you something: everyone's a whore!"

Yup, I just got back from the first Pat McCurdy show I have been to in ages. It used to be that I went every week, but it is harder to stay out till midnight when you have to get up the next day at 6AM to teach. Thank god for spring break. I've really missed these shows. I am considering taking on week a month where I just say, to hell with it, and go anyway. If I am tired and dragged out the next day, so be it.

I think if and when I ever leave Madison, that will be one of the things that I miss the most. Pat McCurdy is best live, and while listening to the CD's may bring back memories, they can't replace the actual experience. (One of the reasons why people who have only heard his recordings aren't as impressed...alot of it comes from the energy and the improv.)

Not only was it a great show, but I got to see some people that I hadn't seen in awhile. This had some positives and some negatives. There were one or two people who I could really have done without, but what can you do? In a crowded bar, you just have to get over yourself. I also got hit on a lot, mostly by guys I have known for years. Mostly it was joking around and in good fun. One guy did cause me a bit of awkwardness. I couldn't figure out if he was actually serious. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, he was a wee bit drunk and very familiar. He isn't normally a huggy guy, but he was tonight. Very odd. I decided that was the time to make a graceful (and quick) exit, before I had to figure out what was going on.

I also got to see more baby pictures of Julian, Pat's 11 month old. Muchly cute.

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