Well yes, there are

Well yes, there are quite a few traditions around the world that involve painted eggs. I believe that my family might just have one of the strangest Easter egg traditions; it is certainly one of the grossest. We have Fred.

Fred is an egg, but not just any egg. Fred is hardboiled and "decorated" with the most hideous dyes, paints, pens, and crayons available. The end result is usually a nauseating swirl of greys. The egg is labeled "Fred", as if the egg belonged to someone of that name. (*cough* Don't ask why, long story.) Fred is then proudly displayed on Easter with all of the other colored eggs. Then he ends up in someone's basket...or their pocket...or their soap dish. Fred is passed around in a stealthy game of hot potato. Frequently there is more than one Fred, as multiple households produce a copy. The egg travels from house to house, city to city, and state to state. Once Fred made it to Guam. The game last as long as the egg does, and woe be to the one in possession of the Fred egg when it breaks. *gag* One year, my father and both of his brothers each recieved a small box from their mother for Christmas. Each box contained his family's version of the Fred from that year.

The Fred goes back to the youths of my dad and uncles, to a joke that my grandfather made about a freeloading neighbor, during an egg coloring session. It spread as all three of them got married and had families, and may continue to spread as their families have families. (Or it might not. My sister finds the tradition completely disgusting, and will have nothing to do with it.) I told this tale to some of my friends, and they have put a slight spin on it. At the moment, there is an egg named Stan (blown, not hard boiled) that is making the rounds.

Who knows where Stan might be at any given time? Who knows were Fred is hiding? Open your drawers and check your pockets, the eggs are on the loose.

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