So I ended up

So I ended up going with Mexican. It came down to the fact that all of my errands where based near that restaurant. However, Laredo's is a Mexican restaurant, not a "Mexican" restaurant like Chi-chi's. I would have to say that it is the Mexican equivalent of The Paradise, the Italian place run by Primo and Segundo in The Big Night. It is my brother's favorite place to eat, and they give my a lot of food. I received a tamale, and enchilada, and rice and beans--a ginormous serving--for under $7. I ate until I could eat no more and felt happy and full for the rest of the day.

Not sure where the next stop will be, but there are certainly a lot of possibilites. I noticed while taking a walk yesterday evening that in a row are: Kabul--Afghan food, Buraka--African food, Jaimie's--cookies, and Husnu's--Italian, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern, all of these just down the street from State Street Brats. Almost like being in some specialty food section of a fair. Not bad for a smallish city.

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