Ok, I know that

Ok, I know that I am not the first person to have noticed the eerie parallel of the pilot episode of The Lone Gunmen and the events of 9/11. I have found a number of conspiracy theory websites that make mention of it, but so far nothing in the mainstream news. I's like to find something in the mainstream new. Anything. I have found articles on Salon and Wired from March, 2001 discussing the pilot episode, which featured a shadowy plot to send a commercial airplane full of passengers into the WTC. I have even found a transcript of a radio interview with Chris Carter in which Carter states:

"Yeah. It's a caper about people who are trying to actually fly a jet into the World Trade Center, so it has great special effects. It's really a funny story. It's got tight plotting. It's all those things you'd expect from “The X-Files” but with three new guys."

However the only post-9/11 mention I have seen from the mainstream that comes close is from this article:

"There is a feeling among people in show business that we contributed to a culture that let its guard down," said Chris Carter, the creator and executive producer of the popular television show "The X-Files."

Now, I am not ready to be a conspiracy theorist, nor am I one of those "blame the media" people. However, isn't this this sort of thing that calls for a "Holy Sh*t!"? I just remembered the episode and the similarity tonight, but I only ever watched one episode of the show, and that was a year ago. Don't you think that with all the people out there whose lives revolve around TV, professionally or otherwise, someone would have made a bigger deal out of this? Or have I just missed it?

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